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memoQWebTrans is a browser-based translation environment. You can use it to translate and review documents in your web browser.

A memoQWebTrans site always comes from the memoQ server owned by your client. There are numerous memoQWebTrans sites around the world, each belonging to a different organization - and a different memoQ server.

When you open a document in memoQWebTrans, you will get a translation editor that is similar to the one in memoQ, but simpler.

It is recommended that you use memoQWebTrans for smaller translation jobs, or in cases when you do not normally use a translation tool, and you do not want to install one.

No subvendor access: Members of subvendor groups cannot use memoQWebTrans.

When you open memoQWebTrans, it shows you a list of documents that were assigned to you in online projects.

How to get here

  1. You receive a web address (URL) from your client. Open this address in a web browser. Normally, this will look like or
  2. memoQweb opens in your web browser, and asks for your user name and password. Use the user name and password you received from your client.

Faster after first time: If you open memoQWebTrans for the first time - or for the first time after a longer period -, it may take longer to open.

  1. If memoQWeb does not open with the memoQWebTrans page, click the memoQWebTrans tab at the top. The memoQWebTrans page opens, and displays a list of documents that were assigned to you in online projects.

What can you do?

When you finish

Close the browser tab where you opened memoQWebTrans.