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Everything you need to know about your support and maintenance agreement with memoQ.


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What is SMA?

Support and Maintenance are two services from memoQ that make your investment even more worthwhile on the long run. With your license, you have access to these services for exactly one calendar year from the date of your purchase.

As a result, a valid SMA gives you the power to do the following:

  • Maintenance: Download new versions (upgrades) that we release over that year. This is important because memoQ continuously receives improvements and new features.
  • Support: Reach out to our best-in-class support team whenever you have technical difficulties or questions.

You receive these two services through an SMA – a Support and Maintenance Agreement. Before you can activate a newer minor or major version, or turn to our support team, you need to have a valid SMA.

How do I know if my SMA is valid?

In the first year, you get Support and Maintenance automatically

When you purchase a perpetual license for memoQ, you automatically receive an SMA that is valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of your purchase. The date of purchase is the purchase date indicated on your invoice. During this first year, you may download any new releases of memoQ, from new builds of the same version that fix issues, to entirely new version of memoQ that add new functionality. For example, if you purchase memoQ on July 1, 2019, you will get new versions and support till June 30, 2020.

You can also turn to our support team any time. Before your SMA expires, you will receive reminder emails about the expiry of the Support and Maintenance period. The emails will contain instructions to extend the SMA for another year. After the first year, if you wish to continue to download new versions and receive support, you will need to purchase an extension of the SMA for one more year.

Second year and every new year afterwards: Extend your Support and Maintenance for 30%

To extend your Support and Maintenance Agreement for one more year, you need to pay 30% of the list price of your licenses. (If you purchased memoQ before March 2019, it is 20%.) The price is always calculated from the list prices that are valid on the date you extend your SMA. Once you extend your SMA, you will continue to benefit from new versions released by memoQ and gain access to Support for one more year. When you extend your SMA, your new 1-year SMA always starts when the previous SMA expired. If your first-year SMA expires on June 30, 2019, your second year will start on July 1, 2019 – no matter when you actually extend your SMA.

Useful Links

See the validity of your SMA

Would like to check if your support and maintenance agreement with memoQ is still valid, or whether you need to extend it?

Click here

Our Frequent Release Policy

How often does memoQ release a new memoQ version? What happens if I have no valid SMA and the new version is not compatible with mine?

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Support and Maintenance Agreement

This document describes the terms and conditions of using our Support and Maintenance services (see chapter IX).

Support and Maintenance for rented, hosted and development servers

License rental fees include Support and Maintenance for those licenses. You do not have to pay any extra SMA for rented licenses.

If you do not want to be responsible for your own IT, we also provide hosting for your purchased memoQ server at a monthly fee. This document describes the terms and conditions (see chapter VI). If you purchase server hosting from memoQ, the hosting service runs independently from Support and Maintenance. However, we strongly recommend that you keep your Support and Maintenance up to date for the license that is in use on the hosted server. Otherwise, we will only provide support when the server is down, but not when you need actual assistance using your memoQ server.

If you have a development server that you received with your API purchase: Please note that it is only available free of charge while you have a valid SMA.

memoQ cloud customers

Subscription fees include Support and Maintenance

When you subscribe to a memoQ cloud, you always have access to the newest version, and also to support. memoQ cloud is not upgraded immediately after a new version is released. It typically takes about 14 days to roll out a new memoQ server version to memoQ cloud. Then the upgrades are performed automatically, but you will receive notification before that happens.

Service level agreement for memoQ cloud server

This document describes the terms and conditions of using the memoQ cloud server (see chapter V).

Premium Support and Maintenance

memoQ’s Business Services team offers Premium Support and Maintenance (SMA) that goes well beyond standard support. As memoQ and client workflows grow in complexity, it can easily become an increasing challenge to LSPs and enterprises to maintain business continuity and optimize resources .

The Premium SMA service is a one-stop shop where all your individual needs come to life through direct account management, support concierge service, consulting, training and other value-added services. You can expect regular contact with our expert consultants and developers to get the most out of your memoQ experience and increase your productivity!

Premium SMA includes a wide range of Business Services and several options to choose from. Learn more about Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions regarding your SMA, please read the following frequented asked questions before contacting our account management team.